To get the staff excited about your business objectives, money isn ’talways the best incentive. Companies who have rewarded their performers with holiday tours have found their investments paying off, with employees returning doubly motivated and loyal after the trips. Not everyone is goaded by money, and if you really want to reward a high achiever, perk up his life with a holiday destination that meets your resources and his choice










Climax Tour aims to achieve the perfect balance between quality and efficiency, creativity and professionalism. The imaginative professionals of Climax Tour have dedicaded themselves to bringing people together in a atmosphere full of excitement and discovery, in a context that is relaxing and enjoyable. Our Incentive department handles all requirements, from selecting top quality hotels to carefully tailoring all of the arrangements to your specifications and of course, ensuring that they are executed to the highest operational standards.








"Climax Tour is a young dynamic company which has been handling

                                                           incentive meetings, congress and exhibitions over the last decade"





  • We arrange Accomodation, catering and entertainment & Stage Design


  • We can plan, design and arrange world-class conferences


  • We are a TEAM with smile for ultimate customer satisfaction


  • We Print materials  & Meeting Equipment


  • We know what works and how to make it work


  • We work hard to create new concepts


  • We work as your partners


  • We are innovative





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